As I reflect on my life, one concept that stands out is the elusive pursuit of work-life balance. Growing up, the narrative taught was an endless pursuit of being involved and saying “yes”. The “on the go” lifestyle as a teen proved to be consistent with my friends and so thought to be healthy or okay. I had a dad that worked consistently and a mom that was frequently involved in community service or work. Within our family unit, being busy was the usual. We didn’t nap. We didn’t sleep in on the weekends. The doing mode was perpetually on.

Entering the workforce after years and years of school, I quickly realized that achieving work-life balance was easier said than done. Long hours working as a new therapist at an agency, often left me feeling drained and disconnected from loved ones. The constant pressure to excel professionally made it challenging to find time for personal pursuits and self-care.

However, once I opened Healing Tree, I made it my mission to lead by example-not only for my clients, but my employees as well. I gradually discovered strategies that helped me regain a sense of balance in my life. Setting clear boundaries became paramount; learning to say “no” without guilt allowed me to prioritize what truly mattered.

Moreover, I learned that self-care was not selfish but essential for overall well-being. Regular exercise, meditation, and quality time with friends became non-negotiables in my schedule. By investing in myself outside of work hours, I continue to find renewed energy and focus when tackling professional challenges.

Today, as I look back on my journey towards work-life balance, I realize it’s an ongoing process of adaptation and growth. It requires constant reassessment of priorities and a willingness to make tough choices. I don’t always get it right, but the more important piece is I continue to strive for whatever balance may look like in that day.

Strive for balance. Screw up. Strive for balance again.