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Wisdom for Your Younger Self

You see it often when a celebrity is being interviewed:  What would you tell your younger self?  What would your adult-self tell your kid-self?  I recently heard an interview where this question wa…
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The Pterodactyl

The noise that comes from my youngest sister when she is in that deep bottomless belly laugh has been dubbed “The Pterodactyl”. While the rest of us are doubled over wiping tears from our eyes, sh…
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Life As A Coloring Book

To this day, I can still see my grandma bringing out the metal tin and remember the smell of crayons take over the room.  Most of the crayons were missing their paper and half the size they once …
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Adults and Social Media

The open discussion on technology and bullying has been quite prevalent in the past few years with regards to how our kiddos are using and being affected by social media.  While I find research and c…
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Millennials In The Workplace

Because I couldn’t write it better, plus he has neat glasses. A challenge to all Omaha business’s, big or small, to create a work environment to help build confidence with our Millennials.…
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