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Loved Ones With Addiction

To say it can be emotionally straining to watch someone you love struggle with addiction would be an understatement.  As the epidemic of addiction continues, we as therapists continue to see more…
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Five Fall Mindful Techniques

As we start heading into the fall season I often time find humans start slipping on healthy habits that were formed over the summer.  Here is a short list of five mindful habits to be aware of ke…
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An Unexpected Guest

Summer always has a smell to me-ripe jalapenos and bratwurst on the grill.  As the sun starts to set while watering the plants, I get a soft but noticeable smell of the green peppers that are ready t…
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Wisdom for Your Younger Self

You see it often when a celebrity is being interviewed:  What would you tell your younger self?  What would your adult-self tell your kid-self?  I recently heard an interview where this question wa…
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The Pterodactyl

The noise that comes from my youngest sister when she is in that deep bottomless belly laugh has been dubbed “The Pterodactyl”. While the rest of us are doubled over wiping tears from our eyes, sh…
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