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Calling All Mentors

Calling on all potential mentors, young and old alike.  As we all get into the swing of a summer routine, it becomes evident once again that the kiddos in our community need to be engaged over the su…
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Am I Enough?

It is loud living downtown.  Sometimes I forget just how noisy it is until I slip back home to a smaller Midwestern town.  Stepping onto my parents’ porch at 10 o’clock at night is eerily quiet.…
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Crazy Cat Lady

It is kitten season. Those of you that know me, probably know this is one of my favorite times a year. Never heard of kitten season? Let’s say love is in the air and little tootsie-roll-sized bundle…
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Women Behaving Badly

Your morning news shows video from a women’s’ rally.  Your newspaper discusses closing the pay gap.  On your morning drive to work you are bombarded with radio programs and people in heated disc…
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Update On The Pull-Up Situation

So my inner first grader does not want to write this blog. I feel a kind of dread similar to the feeling I would get before the “testing” in gym class for the darn fitness patch. So as I hold my b…
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Compassion Fatigue

I noticed that it is rare for me to have the T.V. on any other channel outside of the Food Network or Animal Planet these days. I used to be an avid nightly news viewer (one more notch in the old soul…
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