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My One True Love: My Running Shoes

I started running my senior year of high school.  I had avoided running like the plague and dreaded the required P.E. mile run every year. So who knows why I thought running would be for me. …
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10 Self-Care Ideas

Sunlight- Sometimes just getting out in the sun feels great-Unless you’re my friend Austin in which case-bring on the clouds! The sun tends to lighten up moods and increase energy. Get out in the s…
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The Slump

We are told we need to have a legitimate reason to feel depressed. But sometimes we don’t have a reason. Sometimes humans can just wake up sad for no good reason. This is when things get tricky. Not…
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Loved Ones With Addiction

To say it can be emotionally straining to watch someone you love struggle with addiction would be an understatement.  As the epidemic of addiction continues, we as therapists continue to see more…
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Five Fall Mindful Techniques

As we start heading into the fall season I often time find humans start slipping on healthy habits that were formed over the summer.  Here is a short list of five mindful habits to be aware of ke…
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