The boss of Healing Tree, a small Pomeranian named Rutherford, entered my life in a particularly interesting way during an interesting period of my life. Rutherford has always had a calming presence that seems to wash away worries of anyone he comes in contact with.  He has become my constant companion, providing unwavering love and support, to me and everyone that gets to interact with him.

Rutherford’s impact on my mental health is profound. His intuitive nature allows him to sense when I feel overwhelmed or anxious. During these moments, he comes to my lap and nuzzles his head against me or curls up beside me.  He always greets clients with a smile and a butt wiggle.  Rutherford has a knack for knowing what clients may need a little extra time with him. He becomes patient with extra snuggles and will even occasionally let someone pick him up. He makes his morning rounds with the staff, making sure everyone gets an opportunity for a pet, leaving every office with a smile. 

Having Rutherford has been nothing short of a positive experience for me personally and professionally. Through his unconditional love and unwavering support, he has provided comfort in times of distress. He also consistently makes the therapeutic process a little more “normal” than expected for those at their first appointment.

Rutherford has reinforced that healing comes in unexpected forms; sometimes all we need is a furry friend who understands us without words. The gratitude I have for his ability to bring joy into even the darkest moments is limitless. The gratitude I have for getting to work with my best friend every day is endless. He is a daily part of my gratitude practice and I don’t foresee that stopping any time soon.

Connect with animals. Be grateful for furry friends. Heal through unexpected outlets.