Motivation. The ability to have the “giddy up and go” attitude and ability. The thing that will see us through hard transitions and help us achieve lofty goals. But what happens when motivation is stripped from us? Depression, illness, a bad night of sleep-all can leave us feeling a bit void of motivation.

I would rather sleep and snuggle my dog for another five minutes than leave for a run. I’m sure you all have your own version of that. That habit you know is good for you, but is uncomfortable and unfun in the moment. The secret sauce you might ask? Are you ready for it? Do it anyway.

We can’t wait on having a full tank of gas to get out and start chipping away at our goals or even just the morning grind of carpool lanes and spilled coffee. We have to have discipline in our steps, in our roadmap, and show up when others might choose the snooze button. Inspiration may never strike, you might not ever feel like exercising, but what we do know about human behaviors (and science-thanks Newton) once you have you habit going, stopping will break any momentum.

Focus on your next step. Acknowledge your goal. Do it anyway.