So you’ve hit that point in therapy when your therapist asks, “Have you tried journaling?”  Most people avert eye contact, start to fidget and then blurt something out about how they tried it that one time.  For some reason we have created a space within our minds that say journaling is hard, time consuming and scary.  Let’s breakdown some of the myths and offer up some facts so that getting back into journaling is a breeze!

Myth:  It has to be perfect.

Fact:  Go with the flow!  Your journaling can be as messy and imperfect as needed.  It’s more important to tell or express your story.  Identifying your story can be one of the most healing things you can do for yourself.

Myth: Journaling has to be writing.

Fact:  Absolutely not!  Draw, scribble, paint or whatever creative expression comes to you that helps you process your thoughts. 

Myth: I have to write for at least an hour for it to work.

Fact:  If you have ten or fifteen minutes to jot something down or doodle about your day or circumstance it counts!  Do it while you drink your morning coffee or while taking your afternoon break if needed. 

Myth:  Journaling is about the hard stuff.

Fact:  Journaling is about the hard stuff and your victories and everything in between.  Journaling doesn’t have to be a downer!

Jump in.  Journal.  Love on yourself.