A recent topic here in my office and oddly enough in my personal life has been just that-showing up for your own life. We shouldn’t accept a life where we float through like a ghost of ourselves. Why is it we put so many things on the back burner? Why are we scared to take chances or go off the beaten path although we know it is what will make us feel worth?

Show up. Do what you love. Be present for the world around you. Be present for those around you. The fear will only be fleeting at best. Put down your phone and connect.

These are some good starter questions to set you on a present path:
How present are you being for yourself? Your loved ones?
When doing ordinary tasks (exercising, eating, sitting outside etc.) are you being mindful? Are you savoring the flavors, feeling the sun, mindfully pounding out the day’s frustrations on the treadmill? You should be.
Are you acknowledging the small things?
Are you being kind to yourself, those around you?

Take a mindful minute several times a day, to keep yourself in check. Breathe in. Slowly, deeply, gently. Breathe out… Stay connected. Be present.