While there have been several times since the election that my heart has been saddened, nothing could touch the depth of emotion I felt after reading the trans community would no longer be allowed to serve in our nation’s armed forces.  I carried this weight for the better half of my afternoon and into my personal time at home with my family. I’m pretty sure my eyes were sick and tired of welling up with tears consistently by about 6 p.m.

I talk often with my clients about shifting moods when possible. I went to the gym. Spent time with my dog. Spoke with an upbeat family member. The feeling remained. Heartbroken and dismayed.

Finally around 9:30 something happened that restored some form of happiness and hope and helped knock some normalcy in me. The cat we are fostering through the humane society went into labor. Over the next two hours she gave birth to four healthy, beautifully slimy kittens. And yes, I know, I am a crazy cat lady, but for those of you out there that had a day like mine, remember while some people will make decisions that ignite negative behaviors and ill feelings there are still ridiculously awesome things and people happening in our world.

If you are one of those people that could be affected by this ban know this: While some members of our society may live out loud with ignorance please know that there is a whole community of us out there that welcome you with open arms and love.

Show Love. Show kindness. People are people.