As we start heading into the fall season I often time find humans start slipping on healthy habits that were formed over the summer.  Here is a short list of five mindful habits to be aware of keeping or starting going into fall and our soon to be busy holiday season.

Have a relaxed morning and evening routine.

Do you look at your phone first thing in the morning?  The last thing you see before your head hits the pillow at night? Studies have shown that screen time in the morning can affect your mood and obstruct productivity and at night lead to disturbed sleeping patterns.  Both in the morning and at night try to create a relaxed routine.  Take some time to mediate, drink your cup of coffee somewhere other than your car and listen to appropriate music.

Make a mantra.  

Create a saying that sets the tone for your day and helps amp you up to go for your goals.  It can be something that you remind yourself of as your day progresses to help keep the momentum going, get you back on track or just remind you of what is important.

Taste what you eat and drink. 

Ever notice how much time people take to eat lunch at work?  Probably not because you and everyone else is eating at their desk while working! 🙂 Make a mental note for when you’re eating and drinking to slow down and taste.  Eat somewhere other than your desk a couple times a week and when at home try to have your devices off so that you can be mindful of your meal.

Be thankful. 

Make time to review three things you are grateful for every day. Dare I say this can be a great addition to your morning or evening routine.  This is also a great exercise to do around the table with family members.  Even on a crummy day we can find something to be grateful for.

Get off your device. 

I know, I know….I have said this already a zillion times since starting this blog.  But really, getting off your phone helps with the first four mindful activities.  On top of being able to nail some mindfulness techniques it also helps you see you have some pretty cool people surrounding you.  Remember humans are wired for connection and having our noses stuck in a screen kills connection. 

Be mindful. Connect. Create good habits.