We can’t seem to shake the sense of doom and uncertainty that leaves us awake at night or my personal favorite, crying in the bottom of the shower.  We have spent countless hours watching animal videos, laughing so hard you cry over a talking dog (thanks Pluto Living) and of course we can’t leave out Tiger King or having inappropriate pictures pop up on a zoom call with your dad.  Yet we can’t seem to shake it-disconnect and anxiety.

As a result there are some classic self-care posts out there talking about meditation, getting enough sleep and abstaining from alcohol.  While, yes I agree with all of these “classic self-care” ideas, I have a feeling most of my clients would flat out laugh if I encouraged meditation with a house full of kids under the age of 10 and a spouse who is also working from home.  So let’s all take a moment to identify that self-care during this super odd time can look “classic” or it can look “revamped.”  Some really interesting ways of creating space to breathe and feel have surfaced over the last few weeks.  Let’s take a look at some.

I have a client that still “commutes” to work.  Yep, she gets in her car for 30 minutes in the morning, drinks her coffee, listens to her podcast and then goes into her house to start her day.  She does it again at 5, never leaving her garage.

My dog has never been walked so much in his life.  After reading an article reporting Pomeranian’s can walk 5+ miles, I haven’t hesitated exploring new neighborhoods with him.  It gets us both out for consistent fresh air and I’m a total nerd for looking at historic houses.  No, this idea of taking a walk is not breaking news, but the frequency, locations and duration of our walks is.

Posting signs on bathroom, office or basement doors that indicate to kiddos when they can or cannot knock.  Double points for the parents that have their kiddos create the sign for “art class!”  A visual reminder of when a space is being used for “do not bother me time” is useful when the whole family is home at the same time.

Triple points for families that use dinner time as home economics, history and an ancestry lesson.  A good friend of the family has decided to have her children explore different cultures through cuisine and have regular cooking “classes.”  Quadruple points for families and couples who add music and dance while cooking.  I want full on kitchen dance parties!

Listen at the end of the day you might have five minutes instead of five hours.  You might have a staycation instead of a vacation.  You might pray or meditate from inside your parked car instead of at church or at a yoga studio.  All of this can be and probably is true right now.  That being said, we have all been given the opportunity to create a life that we can live in with consistent self-care built in, instead of a life that leaves us using self-care as a reaction and commercial way of dealing with a life we were never meant to shoulder.

Take care of yourself and those you love.

Have a glass of wine six feet from your neighbor.  Zoom with your mom.  Meditate in your car.

P.S.  Stay home.  You stay home so we can continue to serve.  And no, the picture has nothing to do with the blog.  It is just a cute three week old kitten named Tom Hanks.