I was reminded of Healing Tree’s core values while in discussion with a friend over the weekend.  Healing Tree has set out from day one to be a place of refuge for all walks of life while approaching therapy in a more neutral way to help decrease the stigma.  I use to tell people, “I want therapy to be like having a conversation over a cup of coffee.”  If you are one of my morning clients, we are more than likely actually having a conversation over a cup of coffee!

Healing Tree is 11 this year and in reflecting back on the past year, I couldn’t be prouder to watch our mission unfold in new ways during the challenge of COVID-19 and navigating telehealth.  All of my staff showed up, day in and day out ready for whatever conversation needed to happen that day in a non-judgmental way.  They offered support to all, relentlessly, even on days they felt their own weight of all the issues that unfolded in 2020.

During National Women’s Month I want to celebrate my all female staff for the amazing work they have always done, but really to celebrate the unwavering commitment to really gosh darn great therapy during the pandemic.  My ladies have not only shown up day in and day out for their clients but have remained active in our office discussion of burnout.  They have continued to laugh, eat tacos and engage in meaningful conversations to help progress their own sense of wellbeing.

Cheers to you ladies!  You should be proud of the work that has happened this year and I couldn’t be more proud to have you on board here at Healing Tree.

Celebrate Women.  Help Move Equality Along.  Raise Awareness.