Most people are surprised when they walk into Healing Tree.  You are greeted with the sounds of something like the Beach Boys, large wide open spaces and an aroma that is familiar to most grandmothers’ kitchens-cinnamon.  I always laugh when a new client comes and reports their amazement as they thought one of two scenarios: sterile hospital like setting with bad seating or pretentious leather bound books and a fainting couch.

Healing Tree really is like no other.  When we built out this space, there wasn’t a detail that was too small for me to dig into.  Did you know the large blue chairs were designed so that a human could sit comfortably over 10 ways?  I sure did!  As a nontraditional sitter myself I know how important it is to be able to sit comfortably.  I also spent a lot of time researching colors and textures and how they impacted not only a human’s emotional response but physical response.  I wasn’t kidding when I said details became my thing.  Everything from the color of the walls, fabric, to the texture of the fabrics to the sounds and smells were picked with great thought and intention.

People feel with all five senses and I wanted to make sure here at Healing Tree all five senses were being stimulated in a positive way to create the best space for growth and healing.

P.S.-If you’re lucky you will get to sit in the now famous mustache chair!