We are talking about parents becoming teachers and teachers connecting remotely.  We are talking about face masks, ventilators, doctors and nurses.  We are talking about toilet paper and hand sanitizer.  We are talking about small business, how to support them and curb side pickup on your favorite brew.  We are talking about the president, correct and incorrect information.  We are talking about working from home, technology and social distancing. We are talking about six feet, new norms and how to create new routines.

But we are not talking about our feelings.  Something us humans inherently struggle to do.  It is easier to remain silent.  It is easier to change the topic or look the other way.  Our mental health is struggling-just take a look at the small amount of words used in my office last week (listed above).  We have to start talking about our anxiety.  We have to start talking about our grief.  We have to start talking about or loneliness and depression.  We have to start talking about our mental health providers. 

Please find the confidence within to honestly check in on yourself, to check in on those you love or “that guy” who works four cubicles down from you.  Please find your brave spot to use phrases like “I’m feeling scared” or “I’m feeling overwhelmed” because you never know how that may increase comfort for another person to share how they are feeling.  Please help start the conversation on mental health during our new normal.

Check in on yourself.  Check in on others.  Talk feelings.