The relationship we have with ourselves is truly the most important relationship we can create and work on.  It turns out, we are stuck with ourselves for our entire journey here on earth.  Here are a couple thoughts how to yield the best relationship with yourself.

  1. Matter.  Make sure you feel valued, consistently add value and make sure that you feel seen within yourself.  Make sure you know that you matter!
  2. Be kind to yourself.  In moments that you know you are struggling, but also in those causal moments, make sure you bring kindness to the table.  A regular ole Monday may call for some random act of causal kindness to yourself. Speaking of-I might go for the second cup of coffee today on this Monday morning!
  3. Look within.  You carry much more wisdom than you give yourself credit for.
  4. Watch your judgements-of self and others!  Better judgments about ourselves and others aid in communication, empathy and how we relate in our social worlds.
  5. Respect.  Yep-know what that means to you and be willing to ask for and honor it around any corner.  You are a human on this earth and just because of that, deserve respect, by self and others!

Fall in love with yourself.  All relationships take work.  Be kind and patient with yourself.