We all know that connecting with a therapist from time to time can be useful.  While 2020 brought to light new and interesting conversations around mental health, I don’t know that it really helped diminish our stigma surrounding counseling.  The worst part about it is, this stigma can be a huge deterrent to getting help.  Let’s break it down and get real about what therapy REALLY is.

You’re not crazy and you don’t have to be in order to go to therapy.  People seek therapy for a wide range of issues such as persistent mental health issues or just to sort through thoughts and feelings that pop up because of life situations.  When we use the word crazy, we just perpetuate another stereotype within popular culture.

There is NO timeline, so please stop putting one on yourself.  Therapy is not something that you do for a predetermined amount of time.  There is no medal for moving through therapy in three months.  Putting unrealistic expectations on yourself will only grow the stigma by giving you a poor experience of therapy. 

Take a look at how awesome it is to ask for help.  This is where you should award yourself a medal!  Asking for help can be hard but remember this would be no different than waking up with physical aches and pains.  You would reach out to your family doctors with no issue-so do the same regarding the rest of your wellbeing.

You are not alone.  Everyone would be surprised at how many people DO come to therapy and just how average they are.  It could be your neighbor, child’s teacher, parent, pastor or childhood best friend.  Many people hesitate to discuss their struggles and you may not realize just how common therapy is.  Start changing your own view on therapy by having a healthy outlook on your own situation and be willing to share it with your close confidants.  Through sharing therapy stories the stigma will shrink.

You’re Not Crazy nor alone.  There is no timeline.  Asking for help can be hard but so worth it in the end.