I grew up knowing two things to be true. Coffee is always served warm and at 3:00 with a snack and having my hands in dirt made me feel grounded.  It was the 80’s and well, caffeine in small humans wasn’t quite as frowned upon as it is now.  If grandpa happened to be around, a cup of coffee and a snack around 3:00 was a necessity. 

As a kid, I was surrounded by plants and the smell of Folgers.  For me cultivating and caring for plants has been a way to connect. I can connect not only with nature, but also myself, those that I have loved and continue to love.  Over the pandemic, sinking my hands in dirt became even more valuable as it reminded me of my roots, even when I couldn’t be with my family.

Caring for plants is a way of caring for ourselves.  Oddly enough, paying attention to the needs of a plant has always allowed space for me to identify what it is I need.  Pruning is required to grow.  Understanding root systems can help identify the health of plant.  Growth takes time. With plants we don’t have to give too much or more than what‘s needed; we just need to take the time to pay attention.  All lessons I remain steadfast in applying to myself.

Be kind and patient with your plants (and in turn yourself).  Respect growth.  Enrich yourself through plant lessons.