When a friend or loved one is going though a really hard time, the usual holiday greeting may not be quite right.  This could be because of a death, divorce, depression, financial struggles or a number of other reasons.  We tend to get hung up on “getting it right” so much so that we tend to avoid the humans that may need us the most. This is usually out of fear we will get it wrong!  What’s the most important is that you show up in a caring present way. If you do say something that you end up regretting, a good ole apology will do just fine.

To decrease any fear around what could be said, here are some great ways to be kind and thoughtful throughout the holiday season!

  1.  “Happy Holidays!” could turn into “I’m thinking of you.”
  2. “Where’s your holiday cheer?” could turn into “ I want to see you and all your feelings this holiday season.”
  3. “Merry Christmas!”  could turn into “ I bet this holiday season is feeling a bit harder for you.  How are you?”
  4. “I love the holidays.” could turn into “ I am so stinkin’ grateful for you.”

Love on yourself. Love on your loved ones. Love on your neighbors.