It has haunted me since grade school. The pull-up. I remember each spring striving so hard to conquer the pull up so that I could finally earn the presidential or national physical-fitness patch, which at the time would have really helped me gain some “cool kid” points, but sadly that darn pull-up got me every year. It became the bane of my existence and left me thinking at an early age that because I wasn’t naturally athletic I would never be able to do one…which meant I would never be strong…which meant I would not be good at sports…which meant I would never be a “cool” kid…Isn’t it amazing how that one thing led down such a poor self esteem path?

As you have probably heard me say – especially if you are one of my clients – that is the thought process that deserves a giant stop sign! I’m 32 years old and have allowed that one thing to follow me around like a lost puppy. Well my peeps, the time has come…yes; in 2017 I will be mastering the art of two full pull- ups and hopefully defeating all nightmares and the negative self-statement that accompanied my inability to lift my chin above that bar. I want to lead by example. I want to show that you can blow past your own or others low expectations. I want to show all kiddos that “yes you can” and that the adults in their lives should help teach, foster and inspire even the nonathletic kids to be healthy.

I’ll keep ya posted on the progress…my arms hurt too badly to type anymore

Until then…
Push yourself, even if it’s to pull yourself. Love yourself. Inspire others.