So I want to start off by noting, this post was supposed to go out shortly after my last….but then our server decided to die and I had a Chicken Little moment-you know “the sky is falling, the sky is falling.”

As some of you may have noticed there was not a cute little picture to go along with my last little ditty about pull-ups. Oddly enough after searching over 100 pictures, the only predominately females ones were not that of reality. They weren’t sweating. They had on piles of makeup. They were wearing minimal clothing and to add insult to injury, the expression on their face said “I do these for fun”….right….fun….

It was an odd feeling for me to feel empowered by sharing my quest through the blog, but then to turn around and feel that sense of worthlessness that I wrestled with all those years from not being able to do a pull up. All of it simply from being inundated by pictures that society puts out on what girls are supposed to look like.

Really world? Really? When I am on my pull up quest, I am wearing 15 dollar Sam’s Club pants, a t-shirt that I got for free at least three years ago and am a hot sweaty mess. There is no make-up and my hair usually ends up looking like that of Beetlejuice.

I guess what I want to say is this: We need to do a better job or promoting what real women look like. It gives unrealistic expectations to women of all ages when those are the only pictures that are out in the universe. I truly believe if we could do that, it would take at least a small mental hurdle out of the picture and help more women feel comfortable not only in the gym, but with themselves overall.

Accept the sweat. Embrace Beetlejuice hair. Welcome the real you.