I am a daughter.  I am a friend.  I am a sister, a boss lady, neighbor and a pet mom.  I love cooking, laughing, learning and most things that are fuzzy. I tell you this because I want you to see me as a real human being.  I need you to see me as a real human being because what I am about to request has the possibility of creating a visceral response. 

I am begging you to get vaccinated.  I am imploring you to have your children 12 and up vaccinated. 

I have held your hand as your parents died alone in the hospital.  I have undertook your fear as your loved ones were intubated.  I have sat with you endless hours navigating the loss-the extreme loss-COVID 19 has brought to you, our community and our nation.  I have patiently listened to the anxiety and depression associated with wearing a mask, remaining 6 feet apart and missing out on important life events like weddings and funerals.  I have connected to you when you have been crippled by loneliness and social injustice.  I have carried your sadness, emptiness and uncertainty.  I have held your child’s disappointment, tears and fear. 

I did not have to wear a hazmat suit for 12 hours. I didn’t have to worry about having enough space in the hospital system.    I did have had to sit for 12 hours carrying the weight of your feelings. I did have and continue to have the concern about having enough mental health resources in my community.  I may not have scars on my face from wearing a mask for 24 hours. I do have invisible scars that all mental health practitioners are carrying from retraumatization and burnout.

I am tired.  I need vaccination rates to go up.  I need my community to care more about each other than themselves as an individual.  I’m exhausted.  I need people to do the right thing, or at least the thing each business is asking of them without yelling at someone.   I need people to give each other the benefit of the doubt.  I am spent.  Please go get your vaccination. 

Care about your community.  Get vaccinated.  Be Kind.

P.S.  And pretty pretty please.  Stop yelling at us boss people.  I pinky promise asking you to wear a mask, show a vaccination card or complete a telehealth session is truly us boss people working to keep our staff, our community and our littles under 12 safe.