1. Sunlight- Sometimes just getting out in the sun feels great-Unless you’re my friend Austin in which case-bring on the clouds! The sun tends to lighten up moods and increase energy. Get out in the sun-even in the cold Nebraska weather!
  2. Gratitude- Stay grounded. Every morning identify something to be grateful for. Be humble. Every evening before you go to bed identify something you can be grateful for.  Write it down, say it out loud or just reminisce.  Any will do!
  3. Journal-Journaling helps manage any and all feelings, thoughts and behaviors.  Check out my earlier blog from a few months ago to help you get started.
  4. Nature- Surrounding yourself with nature is another way of shifting a negative mood to a positive mood.  Go for a walk, spend time with pets or read a book outside.
  5. Exercise- No but really, how much research do we need before we all just know this is good for our bodies, minds and souls?:)
  6. Talk with a loved one-Take time for a conversation or a coffee date.
  7. Social Media Detox- Take certain time off from social media-or just electronics in general.
  8. LOL – Get with a friend that you know you can have a really good belly laugh with.
  9. Dancing- I frequently do this with my dog, my family or friends-especially when cooking.  It will get everyone smiling, moving and laughing-especially with my dorky dance moves.
  10.   Get a hug. Give a hug. Enough said.